Community Engagement Award FAQs

What counts?

The Community Engagement Award is meant to recognize students who are actively engaged in the UNT and Denton communities. The key to earning Community Engagement hours is that participation must be active! Honors College programming, residence hall programming, volunteer hours, clubs, organizations, and larger university events all can count toward Community Engagement hours. 

How long do I have after and event to log the hour(s)?

You have one week after earning the hours to submit the Community Engagement Form. 

Can I get hours for being a club officer?

Sure! Make sure you track meetings and events to receive hours. 

What if an event is supposed to last two hours, but I leave after an hour and a half?

You only log the hour and a half you were present at the event. 

What doesn’t count?

Things you get paid to do.  Things that are mandatory. Anything logged more than seven days after the event/program/meeting. 

What about club meetings?

To receive hours for recurring meetings (i.e. clubs, organizations, Greek life, etc.) each meeting must be logged individually. 

Can hours be denied?

Hours can be denied if they are believed to be falsified or if a committee of Honors College staff members believe the hours do not fit the spirit of the award. Students will be contacted if there are questions related to the hours they submitted. 

How can I check my total number of hours?

Summaries of hours earned will be sent via email at least once a month or if you have a more immediate need to know you may email Megan Cunningham, Assistant Director for Student Life, at

What about athletics?

10 hours/semester will be awarded for engagement in UNT club sports or NCAA sanctioned sports.  Club sport/NCAA hours can be logged at the end of the semester. Intramural sports will not be awarded in a lump sum; each game must be tracked to receive hours for intramural sports. 

Can I petition to have more hours awarded?

Sure! If you believe that the hours you were awarded did not sufficiently represent your level of engagement, you can petition for increased hours by emailing Megan Cunningham, Assistant Director for Student Life, at


Email Megan Cunningham, Assistant Director for Student Life, at