UNT Scholars Day 2023 Competition Winners

Sponsored by The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Office for the Vice President of Research and Innovation, and the Honors College.


2023 Scholars Day 3min to Share Winners

1st Place: Clarissa Molina

Title: An Investigation of Baroreflex Function in the American Alligator (A. mississippiensis)
Mentor: Dr. Dane Crossley, Department of Biological Sciences

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2nd Place: Matthew Nguyen

Title: Conjugate Reinforcement of Muscle Contractions Using Surface Electromyography
Mentor: Dr. Manish Vaidya, Department of Behavior Analysis

3rd Place: Nora Xiao

Title: Estimating Ground Reaction Forces from Kinematics in Individuals at Greater Risk of Falls using Neural Networks
Mentor: Dr. Mark Albert, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2023 Scholars Day Full Research Paper Competition Winners


1st Place: Claire Spann

Title: Relationships Between mTOR Activity and the Presence of Primary Cilia in the Oligodendrocyte Lineage
Mentor: Dr. Jannon Fuchs, Department of Biological Sciences

2nd Place: Kaetlin Marsh

Title: Depilatory Practices and the Dichotomization of Sexes in Twentieth Century America
Mentor: Dr. Rachel Louis Moran, Department of History

3rd Place: Lia Wiese

Title: The Effect of Phonetic Vowel Spelling Variances on Singers' Performed Vowel
Mentor: Dr. Jessica Napoles, Department(s) of Conducting and Ensembles, Choral Studies, and Music Education