UNT Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Application deadline: June 20th, 2024 (Application opens January 19, 2024)


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About the URF

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) is an opportunity for students who wish to conduct guided research in their field of study, gaining invaluable experience, unique credentials, and a faculty champion. Students can apply this spring semester to earn a 2024-2025 URF Placement.

The URF rewards students who enter—and show promise of significantly contributing to—faculty-led research environments. Such research will occur in a host of settings—whether in labs, or under individual faculty mentorship. The URF is a campus-wide opportunity open to undergraduate students of all majors. 

Students, in joint petition with their professorial research mentors, will undertake competitive application for a URF.  If accepted, Undergraduate Research Fellows will spend the academic year participating in research under the guidance of their identified faculty mentor. URF participants will receive a $500 award after presenting their research at the Scholars Day event in the Spring semester of the participating academic year. 

Students may reapply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship on a yearly basis and can earn up to four such awards during their undergraduate career. 

Application Processing

While the URF is a campus-wide opportunity, the processing of submissions occurs within the Honors College (students do not need to be Honors College members to apply). Because different disciplines define research and creative expression in varied ways, criteria for admission into research endeavors will remain under the auspices of our several colleges and individual departments. 

Students and their research mentors will be notified of the URF application outcome in the summer before the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Course Credit (Optional)

The URF program does not require participants to take a corresponding course. If participants wish to earn course credit for their URF participation, they must pursue that option via other departments. 

Students who are members of the Honors College may choose to earn Honors College course credit for their URF participation by enrolling in the Honors Mentored Research course. Applicants who wish to do so should indicate on the application that, if accepted to the URF, they would like to be enrolled in a section of HNRS 2996/3996 Mentored Research. In order for URF participants to receive Honors College credit for their work, they must additionally submit a proposal for a Mentored Research experience to the Honors College. 

Please note that participation in the URF does not automatically award honors credit. For more details about earning Honors College credit for the URF, please reach out to HonorsCollege@unt.edu .


Summary of Eligibility

  • Applicants must be UNT undergraduate students, who will not graduate prior to May 2025. 
  • Incoming first-year TAMS students who have not yet started a semester at UNT are ineligible.  
  • In cases where faculty mentors already have grants to cover the cost of student assistants, the student may become an Undergraduate Research Fellow, but without further remuneration.
  • Students are ineligible if they have already earned three Undergraduate Research Fellowships.


Fellowship Requirements

  • URF recipients must consistently participate in their research project, in accordance with the expectations set by their listed research mentor, for the entirety of the 2024-2025 academic year
  • 2024-2025 URF winners must present their research, in the form of presentations, papers, or a brief performing-arts production, on UNT Scholars Day in April 2025
  • Students will lose their URF if they switch research mentors following the application period or if they fail to communicate on a regular basis with their research mentors. Only if a research mentor leaves UNT, or if health-related matters prevent mentors from continuing to supervise their students, will students gain permission to switch mentors or projects.


Application Requirements

  • In collaboration with their faculty research mentor, students must submit a 100-150 word statement describing their research project. 
  • Faculty mentors must participate in the upload application process, certifying that they are willing to mentor the student for the 2024-2025 academic year and confirming information relative to IRB/IACUC . 

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