How To Apply

If you are a Spring 2024 incoming freshman recipient of the UNT Meritorious Scholarship for National Merit Finalists, Terry Foundation Scholarship, Texas Leadership Scholarship or a President’s Level or Dean’s Level UNT Excellence Scholarship, you do not need to complete an application—you are automatically admitted into the Honors College.

Students that are not automatically admitted to the Honors College may apply to join the Honors College after being admitted to UNT. Once you have been assigned a UNT Student ID number and a UNT email, use the link below to complete your application.

The first question on the application asks that you indicate whether you are an incoming freshman, a continuing student, or a transfer student. 

  • Incoming freshmen are often referred to as first time in college students.  If you graduate High School in Spring of 2023 (or plan to graduate in Fall 2023), and are not currently enrolled in classes at UNT or another institution, please select the Freshman designation.
  • If you are currently enrolled in UNT classes, choose the Continuing Student designation. 
  • If you have completed one or more semesters of classes from another college or university, and have not yet taken courses at UNT, please select the Transfer Student designation. 

Incorrect responses to this question may delay the processing of your application. If you have any questions about how to complete the application, contact

Before beginning, complete your written component (see below) to submit with your application. This file should be saved as Word or PDF documents.  Additional files (transcripts, etc.) are not required as the student academic record is available to the Honors Admissions staff.

Example Written Component

Your written component (double spaced, 250-750 words) should respond to one of the prompts below.

The goal of the written component is for students to share with the Honors College Admissions Committee how their personal, academic, and professional experiences make them a suitable applicant for the Honors College. While students are permitted to utilize AI applications as a supplementary resource for outlining, proofreading, and idea generation, the primary responsibility for composing the written component remains with the student. Direct use of AI to generate the complete written component is prohibited and will be considered a violation of academic integrity policies resulting in the automatic denial of the student’s application.

  1. Briefly describe a piece of media (book, film, video game, etc) that has had a profound and lasting impact on you. How has it changed the way you view the world or yourself?
  2. Consider the critical lessons, advice, and philosophy that a current or former teacher/professor, coach, supervisor, or family member has imparted on you. Share how their influence has impacted your personal, academic, and/or professional career. Describe how you would take the principles learned from them to further your success at UNT and beyond.
  3. Imagine you had the opportunity to give a TedTalk about anything. What would your presentation be about?  Why is this topic important? What audience would you like to present to?
  4. Celebrities and influencers across the internet will occasionally showcase everything they do in a day. These ‘A Day in the Life’ videos allow viewers to gain a better understanding of who they are and what they do. Consider your own life and what you do then describe how you would showcase everything you do.
  5. Reflect on a time where you were faced with a challenge, obstacle, or roadblock, then share how you persevered to overcome it. What kept you going, what did you learn from this experience, and how has this shaped your own idea of perseverance in the face of adversity?

Incoming freshman will also be asked to provide their high school GPA, class rank (if available), and ACT/SAT scores (optional). 

If you wish to explain anything in your application, you may submit an addendum. An addendum is appropriate if you think the admissions committee is likely to have questions about your application. For example, if you do not believe your academic records accurately reflect your ability to succeed in the Honors College, you may use an addendum to tell us why and to share what you believe indicates your potential. Addenda should be saved as Word or PDF files and uploaded with your other application materials. 

The Honors College is only open to undergraduate students pursuing their first Bachelors Degree.

The application for Fall 2024 will open February 1, 2024 and Close on June 1, 2024