Appeal Process

If you encounter any unusual circumstances that prevent you from meeting the criteria for a scholarship, you may complete an Honors College Scholarship Appeal form. Completing an appeal form with UNT Financial Aid does not provide an appeal for an Honors College departmental scholarship.
Please accept the award and then file an appeal. Do not delay acceptance while waiting on an appeal decision or offer may be revoked. Appeal forms must be submitted within 15 days of notification of award or renewal of scholarship. Appeals are reviewed after the acceptance deadlines and start of the semester.

Format of Appeal Personal Statement

In no more than 500 words, make the appeal by: 

1 — explaining concisely the ruling that you are appealing with regard to a specifically named scholarship 

2 — If appealing because you plan to fall short of the minimum number of credit hours in which you should be enrolled (in order to be eligible for a scholarship), (a) state the acceptable number of credit hours expected to be taken under normal circumstances; then (b) state the reduced number of credit hours that you are appealing to take for a specified semester (name the semester and year); then (c) explain why those fewer hours provide adequate grounds for an appeal. 

3 — articulate at least two reasons that might be lodged against the appeal 

4 — close by reiterating why your appeal supersedes those reasons. 

Credit Hours: 

As many (if not most) scholarship appeals originate because students fail to meet semester-credit-hour requirements, the committee will not approve exceptions, short of those which pertain to documented medical need from medical professionals, or to a reduction in coursework for students who are in their last semester of study and who need fewer than 12 semester credit hours to graduate. We will also consider external activities that are integral to one’s major field of study and that may therefore necessitate enrollment in fewer credit hours during a given semester. 
In accord with HIPPA privacy laws, physician letters will attest in only general terms to the need for a student to enroll in fewer classes. No specifics should appear in the letter.

Complete Here: Honors College Scholarship Appeal Form