Honors College Contracts

An Honors College Contract allows you to earn Honors College credit in a regular 3000/4000-level course through additional study and projects. Undertaking an Honors Contract enriches the learning process by broadening your understanding of a subject through independent work. In order to earn Honors credit, you must earn an A or a B in the course and satisfactorily complete the contract project by the Honors College's deadline. You may complete a maximum of 3 contracts for a total of 9 Honors credits. Review the Student Guide to Honors Contracts for more detailed information.  

Attend a Contract Information Session 

If you are planning to complete an Honors College Contract in an upcoming semester, and you have not completed an Honors College Contract in the past, you must attend one of the Honors College Contract Information Sessions. Find Honors College Contract Information Session details on the Honors College Canvas page.