Honors Research Poster Print Request

Scholar's Day Posters

  • TAMS students should NOT submit print requests to this page.  TAMS students should submit at https://tams.unt.edu/tams-program-poster-print-request.
  • Scholars Day posters will be printed 24x36 and must be submitted by 12:00pm on 3/29/23. (No Scholars Day posters will be printed if submitted after 12:00pm on 3-29-23)

Please follow this format for your Scholars Day Research Poster header:

Title of Research Poster
Your Name, Your Affiliation (i.e. Honors College, McNair Scholar, Terry Scholar, or Department)
Mentor(s) Name (include credentials i.e. PhD, if appropriate), Mentor's Department, Mentor's University


Please submit your research poster print requests using this form.

  • You must be an Scholars Day participant, Honors Student, McNair Scholar or Terry Scholar to use this service (TAMS students must submit print requests at https://tams.unt.edu/tams-program-poster-print-request).
  • Print request must be submitted at least 3 working days prior to the presentation
  • This printing service is free
  • We will not re-print posters
  • We will not print on weekends
  • Posters may have white backgrounds only (no more than 20% color coverage, posters with full color backgrounds will not be printed)
  • Make sure formatting on your submission is exactly what you need (exact size required)
  • Posters must include an official UNT logo or lockup in accordance with the official branding guidelines
  • Please spell out "University of North Texas" in full


We will notify you via e-mail when your poster is printed. Printed posters may be picked up at the front desk in Sage Hall 320.