Honors Classes

The heart of the Honors College is the Honors classroom where faculty members offer opportunities to engage in learning that challenges the intellect and advances academic achievement. Honors classes will encourage you to think critically, assess issues, make and defend arguments, and synthesize ideas.  

Traditional Honors Classes 

Small enrollment in courses that are only open to Honors students allows you to take an active role in the learning process and to grow intellectually.  

Combined Sections Courses 

In some courses where enrollment is open to Honors and non-Honors students, a number of seats are reserved for Honors students. In these courses, you will be required to complete additional work above the requirements for non-Honors students to earn Honors credit. Instructors provide a supplemental syllabus that outlines the requirements for Honors credit. Honors supplementary requirements are designed to provide more sophisticated engagement with the course material and may take many forms including readings, research, papers, projects, field work, projects, performances, or presentations. 

Current Honors Course Offerings 

The following courses are being offered for Honors credit in Fall 2019. The Registrar's listing of Honors courses provides more detailed information.
ART 1301: Honors Art Appreciation 
BIOL 1711: Honors Biology for Majors I 
CHEM 1412: General Chemistry for the Honors College 
COMM 1440: Honors Classical Argument 
ENGL 1311: Honors Composition I 
ENGL 1321: Honors Composition II 
ENGL 3450: Short Story 
HDFS 4800: Studies in Human Development and Family Science—Social Justice & Human Trafficking (section 727) 
HIST 2675: Honors U.S. History to 1865 
HIST 2685: Honors U.S. History from 1865 
HNRS 1100: The Good Society 
HNRS 1500: Introduction to Research 
MATH 1710: Calculus I (section 200) 
MATH 1720: Calculus II (section 200) 
MGMT 3850: Entrepreneurship (section 001) 
MUMH: Music as Communication (sections 003 and 004) 
MUMH 2040: Music Appreciation (section 003) 
PHIL 1800: Philosophy of Self (section 010) 
PHIL 2600: Ethics in Science (section 005) 
PHIL 3200: Philosophy in Literature (section 001) 
PSCI 2315: Honors U.S. Political Behavior 
PSCI 2316: Honors U.S. and Texas Government 
PSCI 3100: Topics in American Government—Crime and Punishment (section 004) 
PSYC 1630: General Psychology I (section 005) 
SOCI 1510: Introduction to Sociology (section 004) 
TECM 2700: Technical Writing (section 009)