North Texas Journal of Undergraduate Research

The North Texas Journal of Undergraduate Research (NTJUR) welcomes submission—across the disciplines—from students who have generated new knowledge in their fields of study, whether in an honors thesis or in other venues of critical or creative writing.  Students should consult “Author Guidelines” ( to assure that their manuscripts follow “house style” with regard to maximum length, opening paragraphs, footnote acknowledgement of existing scholarship, and the claim that one’s work goes beyond the conclusions of previous scholarship. The Editor of NTJUR also assesses the coherency of sentences and paragraphs and the overall scholarly tone of the essay.  Students must have a named “faculty co-editor” review the essay and be willing to be acknowledged as co-editor before the piece undergoes review by the Editor of NTJUR.  In sum, the journal is receptive to publishing original work that displays novel insight and accomplished prose.

History of The North Texas Journal of Undergraduate Research (formerly The Eagle Feather)