Upload Your Research Proposal and Your Scholarly Research Papers/Publications/Posters/Presentations

Use this form to upload all research papers resulting from any of your McNair research activities. If you have authored or co-authored a copy of a published article, upload a copy of that here. This is where you will upload any submitted abstracts, copies of posters presented, and any presentations (e.g., PowerPoint slide deck) that you created related to your McNair research. Please choose the type of item you are uploading, since that will place it in a specific folder on the webserver to help us organize all material.  Thank you.

It is very important to follow the filenaming convention. For whatever file you are uploading, have the file named: yourlastname_relevantdate. Date should be in this format: DD/MM/YYYY. Relevant date could be date you created it, date you submitted it (e.g., submitting an abstract to a conference), date it was officially published, date you did the presentation, date you displayed the poster. Ask if you are uncertain about this. 

Last reviewed/revised May 4, 2018