Tosha Griggs


Dr. Mark Vosvick
Current Research Topic: 
Negative Social Exchange, Anxious Attachment & Sexual Communication: Correlates of Social Function in a Sample of Older Gay Men
For this study, I will look at what the relationships are between my predicting variables negative social exchange, anxious attachment and sexual communication with my outcome variable social function. I will also look at the following demographic variables: age, gender, ethnicity, relationship status and whether the individual is sexually active or not. I will conduct a hierarchal regression to analyze the data collected from a sample of 50 gay men and 50 lesbians that are 50 years old or older. Even though there is a growing population of older gay and lesbian adults, there is limited research that identifies the areas of well-being that still need to be met. While I have found literature on these topics for younger straight individuals and people that identify as LGBT, there seems to be a gap in the literature examining a gay and lesbian sample that is over the age of 50.