Landon Cowan


Bahavior Analysis
Dr. Karen Toussaint
Current Research Topic: 
A Mentored Summer Research Experience with Dr. Alison Betz
This summer, I will be traveling to Florida Institute of Technology to conduct research with Dr. Alison Betz on several of her ongoing research studies over children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). There are currently three projects that Dr. Betz and her graduate students have going on. These include evaluations of a parent training model for teaching compliance with teeth brushing, various pairing procedures used to condition stimuli as reinforcers, and the effects of quality of reinforcement on the rate of skill acquisition. I will have a wide variety of roles in each of these projects, including conducting literature reviews, running treatment sessions, graphing and analyzing data, and scoring for interobserver agreement. After this summer, I will have experience in multiple research areas within applied behavior analysis and will also have several months of experience with one of the most influential researchers in the ABA community.