Joshua Yarbrough


Dr. Sharon Jenkins
Current Research Topic: 
Interpersonal Relationships in Prison Systems and their Effects after Release
Incarcerating individuals places them in a new environment and separates them from their previous place in society. Imprisoning individuals also strains and sometimes severs relationships that they have formed over their time spent as a part of the general population. Confining a group of people in such an enclosed and controlled environment leads to the formation of new relationships. These relationships include those formed between inmates, prison staff and other staff members, and inmate relationships with prison staff. The prison system has been a focus of psychological analysis for decades. The literature I have reviewed focuses on the repercussions of relationships, both positive and negative, within prison systems. I plan to study released inmates by using a questionnaire to examine associations between relationships in prison and behavior after release. This is an important issue due to the fact that in the US over half of people released will reenter prison within three years of release. The goal of this research study is to learn about interpersonal relationships and the possible effects they have on previously incarcerated individuals.