Mark Lopez


Dr. Adrial Boals
Research Topic: 
Cognition and Judgment
The cycle of violence is a phenomenon that occurs across all types of populations. Those committed to a religion are taught values that may link them to prosocial behavior. There is a wide-spread belief that religion is positively correlated with prosocial behavior and negatively correlated with antisocial behavior. A previous study examined the relationship between religious beliefs and an antisocial behavior outcome. The results indicated that those more religiously committed were less likely to take revenge against their peers. The current study aims to replicate the previous findings and measure trait forgiveness and empathy in order to follow-up on the relationship between religious beliefs and antisocial behavior. Trait forgiveness and empathy may coincide and better predict whether a person will be less likely to act in an antisocial manner. This could show why some individuals make the choice to take revenge against another, thus further perpetuating the cycle of violence.
Alma Mater: 
B.A. Psychology | University of North Texas 2015