Honors College Trick-or-Treat

Date of the event: 
Monday, October 31, 2016
Girl holding green honors shirtGirl dressed as Snow White Girl in Halloween costumeGirls posing in Halloween costumesGirl getting candyGirls checking their phones while dressed in Halloween costumesRuss talking to trick-or-treatersRuss talking to trick-or-treatersRuss and Rachel talking to trick-or-treatersGirl getting candy from SeanGirls trick-or-treating in Sean's officeGirls trick-or-treating in Sean's officeTrick-or-treaters in hallwayTrick-or-treaters in hallwayTrick-or-treaters in Sean's officeTrick-or-treaters in Sean's officeTrick-or-treaters in Sean's office
Album Cover: 
The Dean and several students dressed in Halloween costumes