David Pecina


Dr. Weihuan Zhao
Research Topic: 
Design of Solar Heated Water Tank with Phase Change Material
This study will look into the design of a SHW (solar heated water) tank which will be embedded with phase change material. By taking into consideration parameters such as the area’s solar radiation, temperature, aspect ratio, and phase change material, the SHW storage tank will be built. The phase change material will allow the tank to retain the heat from the water gathered during daylight hours to utilize during non-daylight hour times. The maximum time the water can be held will be recorded as given by simulation work and calculations. The tank is part of an overall solar collector system which can take hot water and transfer it into heat which will heat the water. This has an application for showering or use in a household.
Alma Mater: 
B.S. Mechanical & Energy Engineering | University of North Texas 2017