Honors College Summer Research

Summer-Research Scholarships for Honors College Students graduating no earlier than May 2023

April 25th (11:59 pm) submission deadline

Pending the availability of funds, the Honors College will award a limited number of $4,000 Summer Research Scholarships to encourage your participation, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, in varied research environments. To qualify, you will be responsible for locating a professor who is willing to supervise either ongoing or new research this summer during the 10-week summer session (June 1-August 5). Then, such factors as GPA (minimum of 3.5), intensity and length of past research, existing outcomes—for example, exhibits, performances, co-authorship, or manuscripts under submission or preparation—will figure in our deliberations. If you are looking forward to your first research experience, that’s fine; you should still apply.

Students may wonder, “Where do I look if I am not currently conducting research that will continue into the summer?”

  • Consider approaching a professor with whom you have studied, and with whose research project you are familiar. See if that faculty member will take you on.
  • For broader UNT research opportunities, visit departmental web sites and explore the research interests and creative activities (in the visual and performing arts) of several faculty members. Then arrange Zoom or socially-distanced office visits to discuss the possibility of your joining a research team, or engaging in a personalized creative endeavor, for the summer, and perhaps longer.
  • Talk with Undergraduate Research Fellows who are working with a professor on research projects.
  • Some students may end up with summer-research mentors at other universities. Please see the regulations on the Summer Research Agreement.

The Honors College Summer Scholarship is a $4,000 scholarship, spread over 2 payments intended to help meet summer expenses. Beyond this, research hours are not compensated.

  • If you receive funding for research from your mentor’s grants or other sources, the total amount you receive may not exceed $5,000; therefore, your Honors College Research scholarship amount may be adjusted accordingly.
  • Accepting an Honors College Summer Research Scholarship requires enrollment in a mentored research course during the ten-week summer session (June 1-August 5).  Scholarship recipients may enroll in HNRS 3996 or a departmental-equivalent for up to 3-credits. The Honors College prefers that your summer research credits be evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to submit either a research poster or paper at the conclusion of the summer session. Posters or papers will be submitted to the Honors College as a condition of earning Honors credit for the summer research experience. Students are also encouraged to present their work at UNT’s 2023 Scholars Day event.
  • Scholarship holders will be able to conduct either on-site or remote research in accord with the wishes of their research mentors, and for at least 20 hours per week, as determined in consultation with the research mentor, in exchange for the scholarship.
  • If you conduct research or creative enterprise at other universities, you must still enroll in, and pay for, HNRS 3996, a three-semester credit-hour, P/F course. That will ensure you have a permanent and conspicuous record of your research activities.

Please see the agreement form for additional rules and expectations.

Print and complete the Honors College Summer Research Agreement (you will need a digital copy of this agreement to submit with the application).

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