Great Conversations 2021

A Zoom Event in the Time of Corona

UNT Honors College Presents:

Great Conversations 2021


Great Conversations is a unique event benefiting the Honors College at the University of North Texas. This engaging program brings together individuals of accomplishment and skill to facilitate conversations on important, diverse, and stimulating topics, ranging from the intellectual to the lighthearted.
The event is being offered via Zoom on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, from 6:00-7:00pm. Eight Conversationalist positions at each of the virtual tables are assigned by sponsorship or registration date. Unlimited muted guest slots are available at each virtual table. Questions may be typed in the chat for those who are not conversationalists. 
For sponsorship opportunities, please contact . Opportunities to donate to the scholarship fund will be offered throughout the event. Proceeds will directly benefit Honors College students by supporting scholarship funds.


Great Conversations list of Tables
1 Dr. Bethany Blackstone There is Glass Everywhere: Women in Politics  
2 Jeremy Short Send in the Crowds?  How to Make Stacks on Deck as a Social Entrpreneur through Crowdfunding  
3 Dr. Alicia Eggert Why Public Art Matters, Now More Than Ever  
4 Dr. Selcuk Acar Exploring the Nexus of Creativity, Mental Health, and Wellbeing: Implications for COVID-19 Era  
5 Pat Cheek How a Few Women in Denton Made History in the 60s  
6 Terri Guthrie Travel with Terri (even safely during a pandemic)  
7 Dr. Elyse Zavar 3 BD, 2 BTH, Lovely Seaside Bungalow Under the Sea: Can buyout programs build resilient communities?  
8 David Stout Visual Music and Immersive Worlds  
9 Dr. Qing Yang Is it Safe to "Drive" a Self-driving Car? *
10 Jenn Stayton The Board Gamer's Gambit  
11 Chief Frank Dixon Relational Policing and Police Legitimacy  
12 Keely Briggs Increasing Civic Engagement in Turbulent Times  
13 Chef Jodi Duryea Let's Cook Saffron Shrimp Risotto (live cooking demo) *

Please review the Conversation Leaders and Descriptions list for the details of each table.

* Indicates only muted seats left for the table (presenter may decide enforcement/non-enforcement of this rule).

Please register for the Table you would like to attend.  Registration is required to attend.

Donations to the Honors College Scholarship fund can be made here.