Teah-Marie Bynion


Dr. Heidemarie Blumenthal
Research Topic: 
Dimensions of Parenting in Relation to Social Anxiety among Female Adolescents
"The current study examined relations among specified parenting styles (e.g., support vs. rejection, autonomy vs. psychological control;; Barber, 1996;; Rapee, 1997) and level of social anxiety (SA) among female adolescents. Ninety community-­recruited girls age 12–15 years (Mage = 14.34;; SD = 1.07 ) completed self-­report measures of mother and father parenting behaviors (Barber et al., 2005;; Muris et al., 2003) and SA (Chorpita et al., 2000). The study examined multiple dimensions of parenting (i.e. anxious, psychological/behavioral control, & rejection) in relation to adolescent SA. We hypothesized both maternal and paternal anxious parenting, psychological control, and rejection would positively relate to social anxiety among offspring, and would be robust to the inclusion of age and peer victimization in the model. Findings are discussed in terms of research and clinical efforts aimed at clarifying the role of parental relations in adolescent SA."
Alma Mater: 
B.S. Psychology | University of North Texas 2016
M.A. Psychology | University of Arkansas at Fayetteville 2018