A flyer for Honors Interest Communities
Honors Interest Communities create a space for Honors students with similar academic and social goals to learn and mingle. Each IC is led by a small group of mentors that includes Honors College members and UNT faculty. The mentors host events throughout the semester based on community members' inte​rests.
All Honors College students are welcome to attend IC events, regardless of major or field of study.

ARTS Interest Community

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, February 27th 6:30pm Sage 340 Make Your Own Postcard Night
  • Saturday, March 28th (Time TBD) Trip to Dallas Museum of Art

STEM Interest Community

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, February 25th 5-8pm Sage 340 Board Game and Pizza Night
  • Wednesday, March 18th 6pm (Location TBD) Graduate Student Panel
  • Wednesday, April 8th 6pm Gateway Ballroom 34 (A) Casino Night Murder Mystery Dinner

Honors College 2019-2020 Arts Interest Community current mentors

Headshot of Carla Carter Carla Carter

Senior Lecturer for the Media of Arts Department

Headshot of Madison Rowberry Madison Rowberry

Pre-Studio Art major
I wanted to be part of the interest community because I wanted to get involved on campus, meet honors students with similar interests, and find opportunities for how being an honors student could benefit me as an art major. I’m currently studying communication design on the user experience track, and in the future I hope to work on design for sustainability or any kind of human-centered design. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and being outside!

Headshot of Rafael Cocchi Rafael Cocchi

Pre-Media Arts major
I am a film major with minors in psychology and theatre. I like going to concerts and getting fast food at 2 am.

I enjoy being part of the interest communities as they bring people together with similar ideas, even if we may not have the same major. This gives the opportunity for creatives to work together.

Headshot of Sonia Moncaleano Sonia Moncaleano

Pre-Communication Design major
My name is Sonia Moncaleano and I am in my first year of college. Art has been my most consistent and beloved passion throughout my life. I enjoy creating new things and sharing what I make with those around me (whether it be art, songs, or food).

I wanted to be apart of the Honors Interest Communities because I felt that it was extremely important to connect. Finding friends that are going through similar circumstances is what makes hard times bearable, which is why we all want to establish a safe and comfortable place for that.

Honors College 2019-2020 STEM Interest Community current mentors

Headshot Dr. Robin Pottathuparambil Dr. Robin Pottathuparambil

Senior Lecturer for the Computer Science and Engineering Department
Hello, my name is Robin Pottathuparambil and due to my long last name, people call me Dr. Robin. As a faculty mentor of the STEM Interest Community, I would like to help students to enhance their learning, work on their soft skills, and improve their campus and community engagement. In the near future, I would like to get involved in student mentoring, teaching soft skills, and do more outreach activities. I have experience in teaching both online and face-to-face classes related to Computer Engineering, but I typically teach more face-to-face classes. My educational background includes a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Masters in Electrical Engineering, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. I have worked in the industry for three years before returning to teaching full-time. I'm a lifelong learner and hope that my love of learning will be continuous! Currently, I live in Denton, Texas, and spend my free time (if any :)) traveling, watching movies, and designing new engineering products. I look forward to meeting you!

Headshot of Dr. Charlie Williams Dr. Charlie Williams

Lecturer for the Chemistry Department
I wanted to be a part of the STEM Interest Community because it’s a unique opportunity to engage with a particularly passionate cross-section of the undergraduate community at UNT in an environment that isn’t my office or my classroom. I think the communities are such a great chance for networking and interacting with like-minded students, learning about something new, and maybe just having a little fun, and I’m so excited to be able to help facilitate that.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, baking, and playing board games.

Headshot of Gloria Kim Gloria Kim

Computer Science major
My research interest is machine learning applied to the biomedical and cybersecurity fields (Basically, teaching the robot to do the human job!). I plan to become a professional researcher in future, probably in the field of industries rather than academics.

I take two vitamin pills every day just because I'm too lazy to walk outside and get enough sunlight...

Headshot of Catherine White Catherine White

Biochemistry major
Hi everyone! My name is Catherine White and I am a Biochemistry major in the Forensic Science program. I am excited to be a part of the STEM Interest Community because I will be able to plan events and more ways for everyone to get involved. My plan is to one day work in the FBI as a forensic specialist and coordinate with police departments around the country, or wherever I end up. I also love music and creating art!

Feel free to shoot me an email at catherinewhite2@my.unt.edu if you have any questions for me, or any suggestions for future events.