Programming Council Members 2019-20

Headshot of Aasma Aziz Aasma Aziz

Hello! My name is Aasma Aziz and I am the Chair of HCPC. I’m currently a senior majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Biological Studies. After graduating from UNT, I plan on going to PA school to become a Physicians Assistant and work in a women's clinic. I am also a Terry Scholar here at UNT.

What I do in my free time… I love to spend quality time with friends and family, which often involves trying new restaurants in the area. Other than these things, I’ve loved spending my time volunteering through my organizations.

My favorite honors college class is… Creative Writing with Dr. Roelke. She creates such an open and inviting space where everyone is comfortable sharing their thoughts. I met one of my best friends in her class!

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet… Michelle Obama because she’s such an incredible example of what it means to be a strong woman. And she has the best arms.

Headshot of Maggie Beard Maggie Beard

Hi everyone! My name is Maggie Beard, and I am a senior at UNT this year. I am completing my biology major with minors in chemistry and Spanish, and I will be attending medical school after I graduate.

I joined the Honors College at the beginning of my freshman year and subsequently joined the Honors College Programming Council during that fall semester. I am currently serving as the Director of Community Development, and this will be my fourth year holding that position. I am also a JAMPer, a Terry Scholar, an NT40 member, and a study abroad alumni.

In my free time… I love to host game nights and go dancing with my friends. I also love to read, bake, play sports, and do DIY projects when I have the time.

My favorite Honors College class is… PSYC 1650 with Dr. Charles Guarnaccia. Dr. G’s teaching style is very relaxed and interactive, which I really enjoyed. The course is mainly concerned with behavioral psychology and broaches interesting topics such as learning, motivation, perception, and emotion.

Of all the people in the world I would love to meet… Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court. Ginsburg is a champion of women’s rights and gender equality, and she is certainly an inspiring role model. I would love to meet her and to discuss her journey to the Supreme Court.

Headshot of Haley Brand Haley Brand

Hello! My name is Haley Brand, and I am a Senior Applied Behavior Analysis Major. After graduating, I plan on hanging out here for another year to get my MBA with a concentration in Organizational Behavior. I hope to one day work in HR as a Talent Manager who assists in the development of training programs for companies. Around campus, you can find me giving tours of Residence Halls as a Housing Ambassador! I also am a member of the Green Jackets, a service organization on campus and the Professional Leadership Program within the College of Business.

In my free time… you can find me hanging out with friends or doing a face mask while binging the latest show I've discovered on Netflix. I also am IN LOVE with taking cycling classes at CycleBar in Flower Mound. They're so fun and I love the community there. Other than that, I tend to keep myself pretty busy so any other time is spent asleep-- naps are the best medicine. 

My favorite Honors College class is… anything with Dr. Tom Miles! He is such an enthusiastic professor that creates a welcoming environment for all of his students to grow their research skills.

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet… Harry Styles. The 12-year-old in me will always have this goal. (:

Headshot of Lauren Brown Lauren Brown

Hello! My name is Lauren Brown and I’m a junior at UNT. I’m from Austin, Texas. I’m currently studying Advertising, with a double minor in History and Sociology. I’m passionate about film, fashion, and writing.

What I do in my free time… I love to watch movies or TV shows with my friends. I also love to travel and cook!

My favorite honors college class is… Art Appreciation (ART 1301) with Dr. Paula Lupkin because it was so interesting to study and discuss such a wide range of art from all over the world.

Out of all of the people in the world, I would love to meet Claire Saffitz, she is my role model and icon. 

Headshot of Bryan Burton Bryan Burton

I love people, the earth, and self-expression. I plan on going to medical school and eventually pursuing a career in medicine. I work as an Ambassador for the Honors College and serve on the Honors College Programming Council (HCPC). I am also the President of Golden Key Honour Society and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. I really appreciate nature and like to try my best at growing plants in my room. My favorite animals are frogs, dogs, dolphins. I’m passionate about protecting Mother Earth!

What I do with my free time... I typically spend my free time going outside with friends, reading books, painting, and writing letters.

My favorite Honors College Class is… Ethics in Science with Dr. Adam Briggle because I was exposed to completely new schools of thought and found out how I can make a difference when I feel like something is unethical or untruthful.

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet… I wish I could meet Claude Monet because his artwork has brought me happiness and wonder.

Headshot of Erin Connolly Erin Connolly

My name is Erin Connolly, and I’m a chemistry major. I’m from Royse City, Texas, but I was born in Lakewood, Colorado and moved to Texas when I was in eighth grade. I was never sure what I wanted to do after high school until my junior year when I took AP chemistry. Now I want to study chemistry and earn a certificate in forensics science. My other favorite subject is math. I was in the band in high school, playing the clarinet and being in color guard. I have also played soccer since I was five, but had to stop after I moved to Texas. I have two older siblings, one of whom is married with two little girls. I also have two German shepherds who like to annoy me with tennis balls, but I don’t mind playing with them.

What I do with my free time... I like to watch Netflix and hang with my friends in my free time. I just like to relax in my free time since when I’m not free, I’m working my brain out.

My favorite Honors College class is... General Chemistry for Honors College students. It is mostly because this is the only Honors College class that I have taken so far at UNT.

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet... Rick Riordan. He is one of my favorite authors even though his books are meant for middle school student. I heard he was a great and funny guy and would like to verify it.

Headshot of Taylor Diaz Taylor Diaz

Hello! My name is Taylor Diaz and I am a third year senior, majoring in French Language and Literature. I will be graduating with my Bachelor's of Arts in May 2020 and then will be going on to work towards my Master's, here at the University of North Texas. I work on campus as an Eagle Ambassador, or campus tour guide (go mean green!) and I also work at a small rehabilitation hospital in Denton as a receptionist. When I am not at work or translating 18th century French poetry, you can find me at the ice rink, either practicing or coaching Learn to Skate Classes!

What I do in my free time... either studying, skating, or baking!

My favorite honors college class is... ART 1301 with Briana Bacon. It got me really interested in art history and Professor Bacon is an AMAZING storyteller. If you ever get the chance to take a class with her, do it!

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet... Stevie Nicks. Definitely.

Headshot of Biviana Esparza Biviana Esparza

Hello! My name is Biviana Esparza and I am a senior, majoring in mathematics with a minor in secondary education. My plan is to be a high school math teacher (hoping to teach calculus in particular) and maybe in the future go to grad school. I originally wanted to be a social worker but I do not have the heart to see people, especially children, go through such difficult situations, so I opted for teaching, because I feel like I can still help students and spread my love for math! I am from Fort Worth, Texas and love cities as much as I love the outdoors. I love plants, learning about my faith, the color yellow, trying new foods, watching baseball games, learning about random things, and working with children.

In my free time… I enjoy reading, especially theology books, listening to music, watching Spanish telenovelas, and organizing things (a big stress reliever!).

My favorite Honors College class is… Philosophy of Self. The class brought to my attention all the ideas philosophers and religions have about the human person, identity, and the soul.

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet… Edith Stein. She is an inspiration to me, because she always sought the truth and was what I call a Catholic feminist. She wrote a lot about women and femininity and did so in a way that glorified the Lord. 

Headshot of David Corson David Gonzalez Corson

Hello! My name is David Gonzalez Corson, and I am a second-year student majoring in political science and economics. I've lived in Texas for almost my entire life, but I'm originally from Colombia and love all things Latin American (music, food, futbol, you name it). After graduating, I currently plan on getting a master’s degree in either economics or public administration and hope to one day work in local government.

What I do in my free time… I love going for bike rides, playing my guitar & ukulele, spending time with friends, or simply catching up on some much-needed sleep.

My favorite honors college class is… HNRS 1500, which is the introduction to research course. I hadn't had any real experience with research before taking it, but this class allowed me to jump off the deep end and study the things I am passionate about.

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet… Eric Thomas. His story and drive to succeed are incredible, and I find him so inspiring that I listen to his motivational speeches almost every morning to mentally prepare myself for the day.

Headshot of Carlie Greene Carlie Greene

Hi! My name is Carlie Greene and I am a senior, Forensic Biology major with a chemistry minor. I’m very passionate about the forensic field and hope to go on to get my masters in Biomedical forensic science to become a Forensic Pathologist. I am a Terry Scholar as well and have loved being part of such a great community. I love meeting new people and helping other college pals find their place. I am from a very small town in southeast Texas called Lumberton, or ‘Slumberton’ as I like to call it since there was not much to do. Let’s just say, I love Denton and all it has to offer! In high school I played soccer, was a theatre kid, and was involved in a bunch of clubs. I like to stay busy and be involved. I am so excited to meet everyone!

What I do in my free time… In my free time, I love trying new things, emphasis on finding new coffee shops. I am very much so a coffee enthusiast so if you love coffee or need any recommendations on cute coffee shops in the area, I’m your gal. I also enjoy sketching, writing, playing soccer, going to a slam poetry session, reading, hiking, music, and aimlessly driving around. Mainly, you’ll find me with a large cup of coffee in my hands hanging out with my friends!

My favorite Honors class is…I would have to say Dr. Duban’s class, Honors 2900. We participated in a lot of open discussions and really got to push ourselves in our writing. I feel as though I learned a lot and truly enjoyed the structure of the class itself.

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet…I would personally love to meet William Shakespeare. Growing up I was heavily involved in Theatre. I have read and performed his plays and researched many of his works. I find his influence on Theatre inspiring!

Headshot of Erin Howard Erin Howard

Hello! I'm Erin and I'm another one of those biology majors here at UNT. I'm pre-Med and plan on pursuing some sort of career in medicine once I graduate. I work over at the UNT Learning Center as an SI Leader for American History (the biology classes were full).  I also serve as the Director of Academic Initiatives for HCPC. I moved to Texas from San Diego about 6-7 years ago so you can find me around campus applying sun screen and complaining about the heat or wearing an inappropriate amount of winter gear and complaining about the cold.

What I do with my free time... I like to run or swim at the rec. I also enjoy reading, painting, and meaningful naps.

My favorite honors college class is... Anatomy and Physiology with Professor Kasparian Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet... David Bowie. He was just always so unapologetically himself. That type of positivity really puts me in a good mood.

Headshot of Holly Mattews Holly Mathews

Hello! My name is Holly Mathews, and I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Economics. After graduation, I plan on going to law school in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

What I do in my free time… I love to read novels and find cute DIY projects work on.

My favorite honors college class is… Dr. Duban's Honors Special Problems course. Because of the dedication required to excel in that course, I grew exponentially as both a debater and a writer.

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet… Harry Styles. I have loved his music for years, and it would be a dream to meet him in person.

Headshot of Madeline O'Mary Madeline O'Mary

Hi! My name is Madeline O’Mary, but the UNT systems just call me Madeline Omary. I am a Communications Design major. I currently serve as the Director of Communications and Marketing for HCPC. I pretty much do everything I possibly can because life is infinitely fascinating and engaging.

What I do in my free time… I am always working on a project of some sort. Whether it’s cooking a meal, organizing, knitting, embroidering, cartooning, I’ve got ideas and I’m trying to execute them. My favorite pastime is knitting, but my friends prefer when I’m baking cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip, I don’t fool around with raisins).

My favorite Honors College class is… Psychology. Not only was the subject and teaching engaging, but the composition of the class, from TAMS students to near college graduates, allowed for amazing discussion and a wide array of perspectives. College works when people bring their experiences to share and listen, and that honors class was a perfect facilitator of that.

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet… my friend’s mom. She speaks of her so well and often that I feel like I know her, and I would like to get the formality of actually meeting her out of the way.