Stephanie Martinez


Dr. Shelley A. Riggs
Research Topic: 
Adult Attachment Styles and Psychological Symptoms: The Moderating Role of Religious Coping
Although links have been found between insecure adult attachment and psychological symptoms (Mikulincer, 1998; Riggs & Jacobvitz, 2002; Shaver & Mikulincer, 2002), and between religious coping and mental health outcomes (Pargament et al., 1998), the possibility that religious coping may moderate the effects of self or partner insecure attachment on psychological distress has never been studied. Drawing on Kirkpatrick & Shaver (1992)’s compensation hypothesis, this study investigated whether religious coping may moderate the associations between insecure romantic attachment processes (anxiety and avoidance) and psychological symptoms (depression, anxiety, and hostility) among heterosexual married couples. Results replicate associations between insecure attachment processes and psychological symptoms and suggest that frequent positive religious coping may provide a buffer for symptoms of depression in individuals whose partners are high in attachment anxiety.
Alma Mater: 
B.S. Psychology | University of North Texas 2012