Programming Council Members 2017-18

Aasma Aziz

Hello! My name is Aasma Aziz and I am a Sophomore majoring in Public Health with a concentration in administration. After graduating from UNT, I plan on getting my masters degree in Healthcare Administration, so that I can continue on to be an administrator for a healthplace that needs my help! I am also a Terry Scholar here at UNT. Through the Terry Organization, I am a mentor for the incoming freshman, which has been an amazing opportunity because I love making people feel welcome! 

What I do in my free time…I love to listen to music, spend quality time with friends, eat, read anything (especially John Green and Harry Potter), shop, and the best of all… nap! Other than these things, I’ve loved spending my time volunteering at the animal shelter (I love the puppers), hospital, and with the Terry Organization!  

My favorite honors college class is…Creative Writing with Dr. Roelke. She creates such an open and inviting space where everyone is comfortable sharing their thoughts in a civil way! It’s also where I met one of my best friends! 

Of all the people in the world, I would love to meet…Ellen DeGeneres because she is so funny, but never mean. She is such an advocate of loving one another and I really look up to her for spreading that message.

My favorite place to eat on campus is…in the Campus Chat! I feel like it’s the hidden gem of the Union. When I go there, I love to go to the pasta or pizza bar! It’s literally so good.

Emory Barnes

Hello my name is Emory Barnes and I am currently a junior majoring in Biology. I initially was pursuing a research route with my major, but then decided I was meant more for the healthcare/medical industry. I am originally from the Round Rock area and was very involved in athletics during high school. I’ve been playing volleyball for about 10 years now and have come points away from qualifying to play in the Junior Olympics. I thoroughly enjoy UNT and all of the great opportunities and people it has come with. Upon graduating from UNT, I plan to attend podiatry medical school.

What I do with my free time...I love spending my free time trying out new restaurants and places to grab tea around the Denton area with friends. We also tend to gravitate towards anywhere live music may be playing.
My Favorite Honors Class is...So far my favorite Honors class was “Ethics in Science” with Adam Briggle. Adam was perhaps the best professor for the course and I loved coming to class to discuss ethical dilemmas in society.
Out of all the people in the world I would like to would probably be Bill Nye or Neil Tyson. I geek out to everything they do and look up to them for both science and comedic reasons.
My favorite place to eat on campus is...Anytime the weather is nice, I like to eat at one of the benches outside the union… preferably enjoying some sushi.

Maggie Beard

Hi everyone! My name is Maggie Beard, and I am a freshman here at UNT. I am a Biology major with a focus in Pre-Med. I am also a Terry Scholar and a member of the Honors College Programming Council. A little bit about me: I am from Whitehouse, TX, where I went to high school and graduated with my Pharmacy Technician license. I have played softball since I was three years old (that’s 15 years by the way), and I still love it to his day. I am also a huge animal lover! Currently, I have 8 dogs and one cat at my dad’s house, two dogs at my mom’s house, and also 3 dogs, two horses, one duck, and an unknown number of cats and donkeys at my grandparent’s farm. A few of my hobbies include reading, drawing, singing, playing sports, and binge watching Netflix for hours at a time. I also love to travel, and I hope to continue going to different places around the world—starting with the study abroad trip that I am planning! When I graduate from UNT, I hope to get into a good medical school and graduate with my MD/PhD. After that, I am planning to start a career as an orthopedic surgeon. Being a physician is my dream job, because I love the thought of being able to help people in their time of need. Overall, I am an easy-going person, but I am also very outgoing. I can’t wait to meet new people and make new friends as I continue my journey here at UNT!

What I do with my free time...I love reading, crafting, playing sports, spending time with friends, and catching up on sleep in my free time.
My favorite Honors College class is...Biology 1711 with Dr. Benjamin.
Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet...Emma Watson, because her role as Hermione inspired me when I was young and she seems like a wonderfully interesting person.
My favorite place to eat on campus is...the Union, because there are so many options; you can get something different each time you go!

Becca Boyle

Rebecca Boyle is a sophomore in the UNT College of Business pursuing a degree in finance. After graduating, she hopes to use her degree to fulfill her dream of owning a combination apple orchard/pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm in northern Wisconsin or becoming a hermit in the mountains of Colorado serenading moose with her euphonium. When not in class or working at the Student Money Management Center, you can probably find her doing something too nerdy to admit to in a biography that’s going on the internet.

What I do with my free time... Read and explore Denton.
My favorite honors college class is... Honors Classical Argument
Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet... Oscar Wilde. Unless it has to be someone alive, then John McAfee
My favorite place to eat on campus is... Chic-fil-a

Bryan Burton

I love people, the earth, and self-expression. I plan on going to medical school and eventually pursuing a career in medicine. I work as an Ambassador for the Honors College and serve as the Director of Academic Initiatives for the Honors College Programming Council (HCPC). The HCPC has helped me make so many new friends. I am also the Community Service Chair of Alpha Phi Omega, a coeducational service fraternity. I participate in a microbiology research lab here at UNT. I really appreciate nature and like to try my best at growing plants in my room. My favorite animals are frogs, dogs, dolphins, and Milo, my betta fish. I’m passionate about protecting Mother Earth!

What I do with my free time...I typically spend my free time going outside with friends, reading books, painting, and writing letters.

My favorite Honors College Class is…My favorite class is Honors Biology with Dr. Benjamin. His unique humor and massive intellect keep engaged and inspire me to challenge myself.

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet…I wish I could meet Claude Monet because his artwork has brought me happiness and wonder.

My favorite place to eat on campus is...My favorite place to eat on campus is Mean Greens. Their food is always so good! I don’t know how they do it.

Erin Connolly

My name is Erin Connolly, and I’m a chemistry major. I’m from Royse City, Texas, but I was born in Lakewood, Colorado and moved to Texas when I was in eighth grade. I was never sure what I wanted to do after high school until my junior year when I took AP chemistry. Now I want to study chemistry and earn a certificate in forensics science. My other favorite subject is math. I was in the band in high school, playing the clarinet and being in color guard. I have also played soccer since I was five, but had to stop after I moved to Texas. I have two older siblings, one of whom is married with two little girls. I also have two German shepherds who like to annoy me with tennis balls, but I don’t mind playing with them.

What I do with my free time...I like to watch Netflix and hang with my friends in my free time. I just like to relax in my free time since when I’m not free, I’m working my brain out.
My favorite Honors College class is...General Chemistry for Honors College students. It is mostly because this is the only Honors College class that I have taken so far at UNT.
Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet...Rick Riordan. He is one of my favorite authors even though his books are meant for middle school student. I heard he was a great and funny guy and would like to verify it.
My favorite place to eat on campus is...Bruce Hall. I love their cobbler when they have it, but otherwise it is the cafeteria that is closest to all my classes.

Callie Darling

Hi everyone! My name is Callie Darling and I’m a sophomore Integrative studies Major, focusing on Hospitality Management, Business, and Psychology. My hope it to one day be a special event planner, specifically weddings. I grew up in a small town outside the Austin area. In high school, I was a member of the nationally ranked varsity colorguard and a three year captain. After I graduated, I spent the summer competing with Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps. I guess you could say I was a bit of a band nerd. I’m a very type A person and I have an obsession with organization. I’ve been vegetarian for just shy of two years and it has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. I’m passionate about healthy living and serving other people.

What do I do in my free time...I’m usually hanging with friends, working out, or pinteresting. 

My favorite honors class is...Intro to Sociology. Although I am not a sociology major, the class was super intriguing and I recommend it to everyone.

Out of all the people in the world, I would most like to meet...I’d want to meet Audrey Hepburn. She is an incredible role model, and shows girls there is more to a pretty face. Or David Tutera.

My favorite place to eat on campus is...The Study in Willis. I love the Albino Squirrel!

Taylor Diaz

Hello all! My name is Taylor-Irene and I am a freshman this year! I am double majoring in Political Science and French language and I am on track to earn my MA in French in 5 years. This is my 10th year of French education and my 18th year of speaking. Besides politics and anything French, I am a cyclist and a figure skater. During the summer I work alongside my coach to coach young children in skating 101! I like to think of myself as a healthy person, at least I eat healthy! I am a vegetarian, I don't drink soda or eat fried food and candy! Besides HCPC I am a Freshman Intern for the Student Government Association and a member of the Hispanic Students Association. Some of my greatest achievements include knowing every word to 'Les Miserables' and having watched all 13 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I have three cats, two of which weigh more than 30 pounds. I have a very distinct fashion sense, which sometimes doesn't always work, but we roll with it. 

In my free time…On the weekends you can find me practicing at the rink and probably listening to ABBA. 
My favorite Honors College class is…COMM 1440! I feel that I have learned more about how the media functions, as well as how different discourses function in our 21st-century society. 
If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be…Kristi Yamaguchi! She was a huge inspiration to me while I was growing up and part of the reason I am still in figure skating today!
My favorite place to eat on campus is…Mean Greens at Maple Hall! As a vegetarian, I love it!

Biviana Esparza

Hello, my name is Biviana Esparza, and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am a math major, planning on being a high school math teacher after I graduate. I was inspired to be a math teacher because my high school calculus class was so much fun, and I want other people to love math as much as I do. I love talking to people and learning their life stories. I have a passion for getting to know others and helping people in whatever way I can. I spend most of my summers volunteering at nursing homes, homeless shelters, and Boys and Girls Clubs. 

In my free time…I like to read, visit places I have never been to, workout, journal, and do arts and crafts. I love watching baseball games and playing volleyball. 
My favorite Honors College class is…Philosophy of Self with Professor Langsdale, because I find it really interesting how so many philosophers have thought of the self, soul, or identity in so many different ways. 

Ana Garza

My name is Ana Garza and I am pursuing a Bachelors and Masters in accounting at UNT. I am from Austin, Texas where I love to spend time downtown shopping, eating, exploring, or just appreciating the city. I come from a large Hispanic family that motivated me to come to a school like UNT. 

My favorite things are dogs, cosmetics, cooking, and videos about dogs, cosmetics, and cooking. One day I would like to own a home big enough to keep all the elderly dogs I plan to adopt and have family and friends come to visit. 

What I do in my free time...Typically I binge watch TV shows on Hulu or Netflix, find something to cook, or play some volleyball when the intramural season begins.

My favorite Honors College class is...having only taken two I would have to say American Government with Dr. Bethany Blackstone.

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet... Ragnar Lodbrok the famous viking (if he really did exist), Barack Obama, or Jaclyn Hill.

My favorite place to eat on campus is...Mean Greens, Chick-fil-A, and wherever there is free food. 

Carlie Greene

Hey guys! My name is Carlie Greene and I am a sophomore at UNT this year. I am a Forensic Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. I am a Terry Scholar and am this year’s Publics Relations chair for the organization as well. I am very excited to be a member on the Honors College Programming Council and look forward to meeting new people and getting Honors College students more involved. I am from a small town called Lumberton, TX. I played soccer for eleven years and did Theatre my whole life. I love to do anything artsy really, whether it be reading, writing, sketching, music, or going to poetry slams! I dabble a little bit into everything and have a wide span of interests. I love sports, animals, hanging out with friends, and going to the shooting range. I also enjoy traveling and hope to study abroad in my future at UNT. However, the single most important thing that one would need to know about me is that I love coffee, well more like I’m addicted. So I love finding new coffee shops and trying their coffee! I hope to get my degree in Forensics here at UNT and continue my education onto my masters and PhD. I aspire to eventually work in the FBI in either crime scene investigation or go more into profiling. I am a pretty easy-going person and am excited to meet everyone!

What I do with my free time…I am almost always drinking coffee first off. I also enjoy sketching, playing soccer, Netflix (of course), shooting, cooking, reading, and trying new things! My favorite Honors College class is…I would have to say Dr. Dubans’ class, Honors 2900. We participated in a lot of open discussions and really got to push ourselves in our writing. I feel as though I learned a lot and truly enjoyed the structure of the class itself. Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet…I would personally love to meet William Shakespeare. Growing up I was heavily involved in Theatre. I have read and performed his plays and researched many of his works. I find his influence on Theatre inspiring! My favorite place to eat on campus is…I would say anywhere with coffee.

Travis Kettle

My name is Travis Kettle. I am a sophomore Biology Major.I was born in Riverside, California and raised in Houston, Texas. My dream is to go to Dental School to become a pediatric dentist. I have a passion for helping people and I love volunteering to serve people in need. I love the outdoors and I spend my free time hiking, exercising, and surrounding myself with close friends. I love the beach and try to take trips to Galveston as often as possible. My favorite thing about UNT is the diversity of cultures and ideas that I see every day. My favorite animals are dogs and giraffes. I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Pre-Dental Society, Honors Programming Council, and I am a volunteer tutor at the UNT Learning Center. My biggest goal in college is to build as many close relationships as possible and make a difference in people’s lives by spreading positivity throughout campus every day.

What I do with my free time...In my free time I am ALWAYS outside enjoying nature by hiking, swimming, exercising, or enoing!!
My favorite Honors College class is...Intro to Honors Research with Dr. Miles because Dr. Miles is a wonderful professor and we are challenged to think outside of the box.
Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet...Beyoncé because I like her music and she speaks out about current issues and is a good role model for young leaders.
My favorite place to eat on campus is...Starbucks because I am a coffee addict!!!

Kristyn Leonard

I’m Kristyn Leonard, and I’m a freshman majoring in English with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. I was born in Fort Worth but have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada my entire life. My goal is to work on political campaigns as a speechwriter or campaign manager and/or become a Disney Princess. On a typical day I can be found napping in various locations or watching videos of cute animals online. I am a lover of television, movies, and the theater. My favorite TV show of all time is Community, and I absolutely adore Star Wars, Marvel Movies, and everything that’s ever been on Broadway. I am the proud owner of six wonderful dogs and three pretty okay cats, and I hope to one day find a home for every homeless animal who doesn’t have the amount of love they deserve.

What I do with my free time…In my free time I love to watch Netflix, make crafts, and read plays.
My favorite Honors College class is…Introduction to Sociology is my favorite honors class… although it is also the only one I’ve ever taken, so I don’t really have options.
Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet…Out of all the people in the world, there’s a three way tie for the ones I would most like to meet- Donald Glover, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama.
My favorite place to eat on campus is…My favorite place to eat on campus is Jamba Juice. The acai energy bowls are my favorite thing in the world.

Madeline O'Mary

Hi! My name is Madeline O’Mary, but the UNT systems just call me Madeline Omary. I am a Communications Design major, but I am on a personal path of development in the art of pun making. I love the act of creating and crafting; I enjoy knitting, cooking, drawing, and even just sitting and thinking. My favorite pastime is knitting, but my friends prefer when I’m baking cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip, I don’t fool around with raisins). With my knitting I have done work knitting comfort shawls for the sick and elderly, and even knitting little sweaters for penguins who have matted feathers due to oil spills and can’t stay warm. I am excited to graduate and spread ideas and emotions through art, but not too soon – I’ve got a lot left to accomplish at UNT!

What I do with my free time…I spend a lot of my free time cartooning or knitting while trying to catch up on years of cinematic history. I’m already training for retirement.

My favorite Honors College class is…Art Appreciation: it is like history but through the lens of culture. 

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet… Pope Francis, the effect he has on people is just incredible and he’s just a quiet, kind old man.

My favorite place to eat on campus is…The Rawlins kitchen; I’ve got some great recipes and it’s always amazing to have strangers stop by to see what’s cooking and to share a meal with friends.

Lia McChane

Hello! My name is Lia McChane and I am a senior double majoring in Radio, Television, and Film and Integrative Studies. I am currently a part of the Honors College, International Dean’s List Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, and UNT’s chapter of Circle K International. 

What I do in my free time...In my free time, I love to go to concerts, color with friends, and pet dogs. 

My favorite Honors College class is...My favorite Honors College course thus far is Honors Classical Argument. 

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet…Seth Rogen, because he is hilarious. 

My favorite place to eat on campus is...Chick-fil-A. 

Jonathan Salazar

I am a transfer student from Eastfield College and this is my first semester at UNT and one of the first times being away from my original hometown of Dallas. I am a Biology major with an interest in research and medicine. My plan after UNT is to apply to PhD/M.D. programs and become part of the pioneers who make life saving discoveries. I am glad to be part of the Honors College Programming Council and I hope we can further the involvement and relationships among Honors Students.

What I do with my free time…I like to play my Takamine EG561C guitar. I have found it to be a great way to release stress from classwork or tests. I don’t believe I am good enough yet, but it is the learning that I find the most pleasant.
My favorite Honors College class is…Introduction to Research with Dr. Tom Miles. This class is unlike many others; you are not tested into how well you can retain information. Rather, you learn to think critically and ask questions that advance or expand the research that you are conducting. I have and will continue to recommend this class to everyone, no matter their major.
Out of all the world, the person who I would like to meet is…Donald Trump. Not because I admired him or any of his stances, but because of his shocking victory. It is obvious that many underestimated the man and his message, but he managed to obtain the Republican nomination and then socked the world when he was elected president. I will obviously ask him about his stances, whether he will follow through with all his rhetoric and questioned him about his vision of America.
My favorite place to eat on campus is… at Kerr cafeteria. I usually go there for lunch every day, after I’m done with classes. They always have a good variety and I have the option to take it easy with a salad or pasta, or go for a double cheeseburger. Depends on my mood.

Rachel Shafer

My name is Rachel Shafer, I am from Rockwall Texas and I’m a Junior in the Honors College. I am an International Studies major with concentrations in the Middle East & Africa and Security & Diplomacy and a minor in Arabic. Along with my involvement with HCPC, I am a senator in SGA, a Green Jacket, a multicultural scholar, and an Alternative Service Break site leader. I am passionate about the environment, women’s empowerment, and intercultural dialogue. 

What I do with my free time…In my free time I like to have a thought-provoking conversations over a cup of coffee, read, or spend time outdoors. 

My favorite Honors College class is…My favorite Honors College class is Political Science 1041 with Dr. Major because he’s hilarious. 

Out of all the people in the world, I would like to meet…Malala Yousafzai. 

My favorite place to eat on campus is…Mean Greens because I like jazz and vegetables.

Angie Whistler

Hello! My name is Angie Whistler and I’m a freshman here at UNT. I’m currently dual majoring in International Security and Diplomacy and History, along with minoring in Spanish, with a focus in Pre-Law. I am from North Richland Hills, Texas where I’m from a proud family of UNT Alumni. After graduating, I plan to attend law school where I will pursue either international or corporate law. When I’m not in class, I enjoy reading (something other than a textbook), golfing, and just hanging around Rawlins Hall. My dream is to one day become a member of the United States Supreme Court or start my own legal firm. 

What I do with my free time…I enjoy reading, volunteering, and hanging out with friends. 

My Favorite Honors Class is…the Good Society with Dr. Major. You will never look at the world the same afterwards. 

Out of all the people in the world I would like to meet...I would love to meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg because of the amazing work she has achieved in the legal field and women’s rights.

My favorite place to eat on campus is…Mean Greens or the Union.