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Keely Briggs is currently serving her second term as a city council member in the City of Denton and is an Independent candidate for the Texas Senate. 
In her time as a public servant, Keely has established a reputation for a hands on approach to citizen representation, fighting cronyism and corruption, increasing government transparency and accountability, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, streamlining budgets and reducing tax burdens, protecting neighborhoods, protecting the rights of individuals and small businesses, advocating for common-sense environmental and public health protections, and improving public safety.

A Texas native born in Tyler, Keely first came to Denton to attend the University of North Texas in 1995, where she graduated with a BA in sociology and received certification for mediation training from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program administered by the Institute of Applied Economics at the University of North Texas.  

Key Leadership Positions Include:

•       National League of Cities Committee on Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Policy Development and Advocacy
•       Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition
•       Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team
•       DISD District of Innovation Committee
•       Lake Ray Roberts Planning & Zoning Commission
•       Economic Development Partnership Board
•       Committee on Citizen Engagement
•       Committee on the Environment
•       Ethics Committee
•       Mobility Committee
•       Community Justice Council
•       Development Code Review Committee


Leader Name: 
Keely Briggs
Conversation Topic: 
Turning dissatisfaction into political action - A few things I have learned about politics, people, and service