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What should we do tonight? Where is the best show? Best pie? How about that perfect after dinner cocktail? If I’m in the mood for a greasy burger, where do I head? Lucky for you, We Denton Do It has done the searching for you, and is here to help.

Alyssa Stevenson is an owner, writer and editor for the local Denton blog, We Denton Do It. With a passion for food, art, and culture, We Denton Do It aims to keep Denton locals in the know. Over the last six years Alyssa has helped to steer the ship, growing their reach and readership - while learning about the intricacies of Denton’s most unique characters. With a focus on all things local - she’ll have tips, tricks and a top five list for just about anything you could be searching for in our fair city.

Alyssa Stevenson was a contract writer in food and recipe development before she joined the team at We Denton Do It. Now, she is a full time middle school history teacher, who manages the madness of tweens while keeping her ear to the ground for the best local spots, bites and makers. In her spare time you can find her trying out new cocktails, checking out local artists, and searching for the best dishes to recommend to friends.

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Alyssa Stevenson
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The Art of Being in the Know: We Denton Do It