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Have you ever had a dream that one day you will …..fill in the blank…. ? In that sense, Steve Severance has started on the path to his dream.

In the early days of his working life, Steve was a cook and a chef in several different restaurants in Wisconsin and Minnesota while putting himself through college in pursuit of a music degree. And then, after graduating, while following his dream of playing music in Los Angeles, helped open a new restaurant in Westwood next to UCLA. There was this dream that one day he would open his own restaurant, or better yet, a cool jazz club offering great drinks, food, and fantastic music.

As life developed and his first child was on the way, he felt it was important to get out of the late hours that music and restaurants demanded and “get a real job” working 9-5. This took him down the path of sales and business development in the software industry in Southern California. Becoming one of the top sales people in his company, he was offered the opportunity to relocate to the Dallas area and run the division in this region.

After four years of living in Carrollton, Steve and his wife and kids moved to Corinth 20 years ago and found themselves enjoying the lifestyle that Denton has to offer. With the great music school here at UNT, Steve became enthralled with the opportunities to hear great performers, both young and old, perform here in the area. Also, due to his wife’s influence, he got involved in home brewing, and was thrilled to see all the great things happening with the craft beer houses and breweries in and around Denton. Still, there was a tug that there was a long-lost dream of opening a cool jazz club.

Somewhere along the path of life, Steve began to enjoy great wine. As he was traveling around the country for work and pleasure he made it a priority to visit the local wineries and wine bars whenever possible. He began to understand all the components that go into making a good wine.

Fast forward to 2016 and an opportunity presented itself for Steve to pursue a business in the world of wine. Steve’s Wine Bar is one of the fresh new places in Denton providing not only great wine, but also great beer and live music in a relaxed environment. The next few chapters have yet to be written about this move to the wine and entertainment business, but it is likely with the right plans, support, and effort, there will be more exciting news to report.

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Steve Severance
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Becoming a Wine Expert with the Guy who is Becoming a Wine Expert. Dentoning with the Owner, CEO, Head Dishwasher of Steve’s Wine Bar