Miriam Calixto


History & Spanish
Dr. Sandra Mendiola Garcia
Current Research Topic: 
Mexican Cultural Policies during the Cold War
My research project, tentatively entitled “Mexican Cultural Policies during the Cold War,” seeks to analyze the different cultural strategies that the Mexican state sought to carry out in the country during the contentious years of the Cold War. Why and how did the Mexican state do so? With the help of the ruling party that governed Mexico for over 70 years (the Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI) and with alliances with US-based institutions, the Mexican state tried to control or at least mediate cultural production. But these state-controlled policies did not go unchallenged. Looking at a series of primary sources including fiction and non-fiction works written by acclaimed authors such as Elena Poniatowska, Juan Rulfo, Carlos Monsiváis, Carlos Fuentes, and José Revueltas, as well as a revision of the secondary literature, the project will investigate the success or failure of the state attempt to regulate such policies.