Lauren Vandebrake


Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Fang-Ling Lu
Current Research Topic: 
Analyzing the Symptoms of Occupational Voice-Users to Develop a Self-Screening Toolkit to Enhance the Awareness of Vocal Fatigue
No self-assessment can substitute a health care professional’s opinion and diagnosis, but in the case of vocal concerns, it could be agreed that most who experience symptoms of vocal fatigue do not seek professional help and may continue to disregard the warning signs related to vocal fold injuries. Vocal occupations enlist more than singers and actors; teachers and coaches whom do not receive voice training may not take preventative measures to protect their vocal asset. This research study proposes the development of a self-screening tool for voice professionals to recognize vocal fatigue. The self-screening tool would be used to identify common factors with a survey of vocal symptoms in conjunction with an amended Johns Hopkins Voice Center’s “Vocal Self-screening.” The proposed self-screening tool will be a user-friendly instrument that vocal performers may use to identify their vocal fatigue and prompt professional consultation to avoid potential vocal damages.