Jesse Kent


Dr. David R. Schultz
Current Research Topic: 
Stopping Power of Lithium Ions (Charge 0-3) on Molecular Hydrogen
When a fast moving ion passes through matter it inevitably collides with the constituent particles of the matter. These collisions force the ion to lose energy through different reaction channels. The rate of change in the energy of the ion with respect to the distance traveled into the medium is known as the stopping power of the system. This research will focus on developing the stopping power for the various ionized states of lithium and molecular hydrogen. Using the total cross-sections for ionization and stripping processes, as well as the differential cross sections for the energies and angles of the ejected electrons a computer simulation can be made to theoretically model such energy loss channels and produce a stopping power for each charged state [1]. The cross sections are calculated theoretically using a classical trajectory Monte Carlo (CTMC) simulation for each charge state and energies varying from 1keV-2MeV. These theoretically obtained cross sections are compared to experiment to ensure validity.