Jazmine McGill


Dr. Michael Thompson
Current Research Topic: 
The Effects of Acculturation Strategies on Educational Choices, Academic Performance, and Social Involvement on College Campuses
An educational attainment gap exists between Blacks and Whites in this country, with a 12% difference in the attainment of at least a Bachelor’s degree between the two groups (Ogunwole, Drewery, and Rios-Vargas 2012). It is important to identify what is responsible for the gap, and to understand how it is maintained. This study aims to approach the problem by analyzing the relationship between acculturation strategies and the educational choices, academic performance, and social invovement on college campuses amongst African American college students. This research will utilize a mixed methods approach using a confidential survey that will include the Measurement of Acculturation Strategies for People of African Descent (MASPAD), as well as conduct follow up interviews with willing participants. I hypothesize that an individual’s acculturation strategy will impact their educational choices and social involvement on campus, but not their academic performance. This study is important because there is a lack of research on acculturation specifically for the African American population. It will also help to confirm or disqualify whether or not acculturation in African Americans is related to the attainment gap.