Fre'Dasia Daniels


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Dr. Valarie Bell
Research Topic: 
Social Media Preferences and Individual Motivations; A Study on the Relationship Between Social Media Types and Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivations
Social media has become a universal concept that people of all ages, from many cultures, are participating in. Since social media is a fairly new researchable construct that is rapidly evolving, there seems to be an increased need for more research within this field. Although intrinsic and extrinsic motivation has been studied in multiple aspects, this study will be examining motivation in regards to individual’s preferences and their intensity of social media use. In this study, participants will complete a survey that will ask them to reflect on their preferred social media platform, the intensity with which they use each platform, and their motivations for engaging with each platform. It is predicted that the type of social media platform preferred help to indicate whether an individual is more likely to be intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. It is also predicted that social media platforms will attract more extrinsically motivated individuals than intrinsically motivated individuals and that an individual with a high intensity of active use on social media will more likely be an extrinsically motivated individual than intrinsically motivated. Due to the popularity of social media within the adolescent population, it is recommended that this study be replicated specifically with adolescents.