Cesar Baltazar


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Dr. Nancy Spears and Dr. Brian Sauser
Research Topic: 
Relationship Between Online Pre-Purchase Decision Making and the Return Supply Chain
This study investigates the relationship between inverse logistics and the different types of information cues that consumers use to make judgments about online products (i.e., price, shipping, reviews, etc.). In fact, the examination of this study will be divided into the consumers whose behavior is led by short-term impulse purchasing intentions and those of a long-term purchasing behavior. Furthermore, an online survey serves as instrument to test the hypotheses developed in the study. This survey consists of questions targeted to answer consumers satisfaction levels of their online purchases based on the different information cues—which are defined in a typology—and their product dissatisfaction. The expected results will indicate that consumers who purchase online products through impulsivity tend to be more involved in the return supply chain; in contrast, consumers who purchase through intentionality tend to be less involved in the return supply chain. Ultimately, this study will have academic and practical applications for marketers and business companies to make more effective strategic decisions compatible with consumers’ preferences and characteristics.