Jewel Aleshire


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Dr. Lisa Henry and Dr. Adam Dunstan
Research Topic: 
Impacts of Climate Change: A Comparison of Fijian and Tuvaluan Culture
Prior research concludes that climate change is impacting islanders’ culture due to the loss of their native lands and traditional foods. This comparative research of Fiji and Tuvalu aims to identify the specific impacts of climate change on island environments and islanders’ lives, how climate change is defined and perceived, education surrounding climate change, and local responses and solutions to climate change. This study will use semi-structured ethnographic interviews as the primary source of data, utilizing approximately 28 interviews. The interview data will be recorded, transcribed, coded, and analyzed using ATLAS.ti software. This data is intended to assist aid organizations in providing culturally competent aid, and the research will provide an important contribution to the literature by highlighting islanders’ personal lived experiences and perspectives on the issue of climate change.