McNair Scholars Program Timeline


Fall Semester:

Applications open, students are evaluated by the McNair Program Selection Committee and successful candidates provisionally accepted into the program during the spring semester.

Spring Semester: 

McNair staff meet with probationary scholars to discuss the intake needs assessment, the program’s roadmap and requirements; scholars identify and select a faculty mentor, and develop a summer research proposal.

1st Summer Research Internship:

(10 weeks)

Initially, scholars attend a required 3-credit Introduction to Research and Other Scholarly Activities course, conduct research under the guidance of their mentor (total 300 hours), participate in weekly workshops, seminars, lectures and other scholarly activities (100 hours).

1st Fall:

While attending regular academic classes, scholars are invited to attend and present their research results at professional conferences, while continuing to develop their research (10 hours/week), learn and grow under the tutelage of their mentors.

1st Spring:

Every spring at the McNair Research Forum, scholars present their research proposals to faculty, friends and family.  Students also begin preparing for the GRE while continuing their research.

2nd Summer Research Internship: 

(10 weeks)

Scholars are encourage to broaden their horizons by conducting research at another campus for exposure to different faculty, methods and networking opportunities, or continue their research at UNT (new/updated proposal required); regardless, they continue to prepare for graduate school admission, working on personal statements, curriculum vitae, compiling letters of recommendation, attending workshops, conferences, etc., becoming familiar with scholarship and fellowship opportunities, and visiting potential graduate schools.

2nd Fall: 

Along with the previously listed scholarly activities and opportunities for conferences, networking and presentation, scholars will take the GRE and finalize their graduate school admission requirements, and formally present the results of their summer research project at the McNair Fall Research Assembly.

2nd Spring: 

Following the conclusion of activities designed to prepare scholars for doctoral study, comes the highly anticipated graduation with a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas!