2019 Registration Instructions

We're happy that you will be joining us for the 2019 Texas National McNair Research Conference. Please find the following instructions to help assist you in registering. For more information, see the detailed registration instructions

1. You begin by creating a conference account. If you are a Recruiter, you follow these same steps.In the McNair Conference Registration menu, click on Create a Conference Account. Provide the information requested and submit.

2. You will receive an email from the system (Honors@unt.edu); follow the link in the email and then set your password. Click Save to complete that step. You can log in to your conference account in case you need to register additional people. 

3. You can now begin registering yourself (Recruiter or McNair staff member), your McNair scholars, and/or other McNair staff who will attend the conference. Select the specific type of registration from the drop down list (which shows the specific type and price). Choose the quantity for the type. Once you select one type and quantity, click on Add to cart. Continue selecting a type and quantity of that time and then Add to cart.

4. Next click on Go to Cart in the McNair Conference Registration menu to review the types and quantities of those you registered. You can change the quantities here and then Update cart. When the cart contains what you want, click Checkout.

5. This page is where you provide information about the people who will be attending the conference, i.e., those you just registered. The contents of the screen is based on the registration types and quantities that were in your cart. For example. if you registered three scholars, you will have a set of three text boxes for each of those three scholars. If you registered two staff members, there will be two set of text boxes for those two people. Once you have input the data, click Continue to next step.

6. Now you will provide information for billing purposes. Input the correct data and then Continue to next step.

7. This is the Review order page and the last step before you choose how you will pay, Your choices are:

  • Get sent an invoice (which we will send to you and it is not sent through the registration system). If you chose this option, in the text box put in the email address to which we should send the invoice.
  • Pay by credit card. If you choose this option, you will be taken to a secure payment gateway. 

This completes your registration process. For more information please go to the detailed registration instructions. Still got questions? Then please contact the Conference Team for assistance. 

Thank you.