Lee Bedford


Dr. Adrial Boals
Research Topic: 
Veterans Assessing Veterans: Using Rapport to Improve PTSD Screening Accuracy
Research has shown that at least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, and of those that do, 50% do not seek help (Veterans and PTSD). Depression is 3-5 times more likely in those with PTSD than those without (Department of Veteran Affairs). This research will focus on the relationship between rapport building and participant honesty during PTSD screenings. The purpose of the proposed study is to test whether veterans are more likely to report PTSD symptoms in an interview when the interviewer is a fellow veteran as opposed to a non-veteran interviewer. Approximately 60 military veterans currently attending the University of North Texas will participate in this study. Previous research indicates when assessing individuals with potentially stigmatizing disorders, trust and rapport building prior to interviews increases accuracy and self-disclosure. This finding has been found in samples with depression, eating disorders, sexual assault, and mental illnesses in veterans (Annells et al., 2010; Held et al., 2010; Peckham, Howlett, & Corbett, 2007; Stewart, Chapple, Hughes, Poustie, & Reilly, 2008). In the proposed study, we hope to extend these findings to veterans reporting symptoms of PTSD and depression.
Alma Mater: 
B.S. Psychology | University of North Texas 2014
M.S. Psychology | University of North Texas 2018