Darby Winningham


Dr. Richard Rogers
Research Topic: 
Comprehension of Miranda Warnings: An Investigation of Advisements and Situational Stress
In the landmark case Miranda v. Arizona (1966), the United States Supreme Court determined that custodial suspects must be informed of their rights against self-incrimination. The current study investigates the effects of mode of advisement and situational stress on Miranda warning comprehension by using a mock crime study design in which participants attempted to steal a watch from a Plexiglas case. The effects of four different modes of advisement (oral, written, combined/passive, and combined/active) were tested on 115 undergraduate students from the University of North Texas. A one-way ANOVA found a significant difference in Miranda comprehension based on modality. However, situational stress was not found to significantly affect comprehension.
Alma Mater: 
B.S. Psychology | University of North Texas 2014
M.S. Psychology | University of North Texas 2017