Honors Credits

To remain an active member of the Honors College, you need to earn Honors credits. There are several ways for you to earn Honors credits.

  • Take Honors classes at UNT.
  • Study Abroad: You’ll earn six hours of Honors credit for each semester you study abroad and three hours for a summer program towards the Honors Scholar Distinction or Distinguished Honors Scholar Distinction. This includes all programs approved through the UNT Study Abroad office. Only Six hours of Study Abroad credit can be applied towards your Honors Award (One semester experience, or two summer experiences).
  • Writing an Honors thesis.
  • Honors Mentored research.
  • Honors Contracts - These experiences allow you the privilege of earning Honors credit for non-Honors courses through additional study and projects. Undertaking an Honors contract enriches the learning process by broadening your understanding of a subject through in-depth research. It also gives you flexibility if you’re unable to find Honors classes pertaining to your major. If your faculty member has any questions about the Honors contract process please provide them with the Honors Contract Faculty Guide.