2020 Virtual Fall Research Assembly

Welcome to the 4th Annual McNair Scholars Fall Research Assembly and Poster Presentations (virtual this year)!

The McNair Scholars Program’s purpose is to provide enriching scholarly and research experiences that will prepare our Scholars for success in graduate education, and more specifically the pursuit of a Ph.D. in their chosen field.  This summer, as has been the case for the past 28 years, the UNT McNair Scholars were expected to conduct research under the guidance of UNT faculty.  More so than in previous summers, they have had to overcome many obstacles due to COVID19 and its impact on their lives. Being the resilient people they are, UNT McNair Scholars not only met the program’s expectations despite the difficulties, but in fact exceeded them.  We are incredibly proud of them and the research they have completed this year.  

The Scholars could not have done the excellent work they did this past summer had it not been for the guidance of their faculty mentors. This year we had the pleasure of working with the following 21 faculty members:

  • Dr. Junhua Ding, Department of Information Science (Scholar- Tiffany Blanchet)
  • Dr. Rex Wright, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Ashley Bocanegra)
  • Dr. Anthony Ryals, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Madison Card)
  • Dr. Bryan Meckes, Biomedical Engineering (Scholar- Nancy Dankwah)
  • Dr. Chetan Tiwari, Environmental Science (Scholar- Dayani Davilla)
  • Dr. Danica Slavish, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Odalis Garcia)
  • Dr. Kimberly Wright, Department of Anthropology (Scholar- Cassie Gibson)
  • Dr. Adriel Boals, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Samantha Glidewell)
  • Dr. Tao Zhang, College of Education (Scholar- Stephanie Gonzalez)
  • Dr. Brenda Barrio, College of Education (Scholar- Xaria Hicks)
  • Dr. Joshua Hook, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Logan Karwoski)
  • Dr. Lee Hughes, Department of Biological Sciences (Scholar- Carolina Menchaca)
  • Dr. Douglas Root, Department of Biological Sciences (Scholar- Blessing Oloyede)
  • Dr. April Becker, Department of Behavior Analysis (Scholar- Ilena Persaud)
  • Dr. Samantha Langsdale, Department of Philosophy (Scholar- Kayley Reay)
  • Dr. Alicia Re Cruz, Department of Anthropology (Scholar- Adam Rutledge)
  • Dr. James Kennedy, Department of Biological Sciences (Scholar- Marti Sanders)
  • Dr. Mariela Nunez-Janes, Department of Anthropology (Scholar- Michelle Serrano)
  • Dr. Yolanda Flores Niemann, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Michelle Serrano)
  • Dr. Kevin Caffrey, Honors College (Scholar- Autumn Underwood)
  • Dr. David Cicero, Department of Psychology (Scholar- Joel Zamora)

We invite you to view the McNair Scholars’ presentations through the gallery in the link below. A PDF of each scholars poster is linked for you to download and read, as well as information for each scholar and access to their recorded presentations on our YouTube channel.

2020 Fall Research Assembly Poster Gallery