Eligibility and Membership Requirements

Admission to the Honors College

The Honors College is looking forward to recruiting talented and motivated undergraduates who wish to enter the Honors College. The goal of the Honors College is to provide undergraduate students with an enriched academic and intellectual experience both in and beyond the classroom. Toward that goal, we seek to admit qualified students who will thrive in Honors. General guidelines for eligibility and membership requirements are provided below.


To be considered for membership, a freshman should have excellent scores on standardized tests and a fine high school record that demonstrates academic accomplishment and motivation. The SAT score should be at least 1200 on the math and verbal sections OR the ACT score should be at least 27. Applicants should be in the top echelons of their class, as demonstrated by their grade point average and class rank. The Admissions Committee also reviews courses taken in high school, writing skills, and type of high school program completed.

Transfer and Continuing UNT Students

The Honors College welcomes applications from transfer students and continuing UNT students. The primary qualification for transfer and continuing students is a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.35 on all college work, and fewer than 72 credit hours completed by the time the student begins Honors College work. The Honors College Admissions committee reserves the right to decline membership to students whose overall academic record does not seem compatible with Honors, such as large numbers of withdrawals from classes.


For additional questions about eligibility or to make an appointment with the Admissions Coordinator, please contact Sabrina.Gonzalez@unt.edu.