Vivek Jain (’06)
Honors College alumnus Vivek Jain is achieving professional success as a program manager with
Ryan Bosca ('06, '07, '08 M.S.)
Alumni Ryan Bosca and Blake Pankonien credit the Honors College for helping them reach professional success in science through undergraduate research opportunities and mentoring.
Priscilla Ybarra (’97)
Honors College alumni remember the Honors environment and how it shaped them for the future
Aïda Wondwessen ('07) (Photo by Michael Clements)
Aïda Wondwessen enrolled at UNT to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. She became a fierce competitor in law school and beyond due to her Honors College preparation.

The Alumni Connection

A warm welcome to Honors College and University Honors Program Alumni! Thank you for visiting this page designed just for Honors Alums. The idea of the Alumni Connection came from one of our great alums, who envisioned it as a way for Honors Alumni to stay in touch with the Honors College and one another.


There is just one requirement for joining the Alumni Connection: you must be an alumnus or alumna of Honors, either the Honors College or its predecessor, the University Honors Program, although you need not have earned an Honors award at graduation to be eligible.


Membership in the Alumni Connection is free of obligation, although we do hope you will consider becoming a regular donor to Honors. Your gift will support the work of the College on behalf of the 1,645 students who are currently enrolled. For information on the various programs that you are invited to support, please visit our Giving Opportunities page, from which you can access a form for online giving. To join the Alumni Connection, please complete and submit the enrollment form.  

Once a part of UNT, always a part of UNT
Once a part of Honors, always a part of Honors


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