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Honors classes are specifically designed to encourage students to engage in high-level thinking through intensive classroom discussion, small, collaborative work groups and intensive research projects.

Honors College faculty will help facilitate your success every step of the way. You’ll have opportunities to take classes taught by some of UNT’s brightest faculty in a variety of disciplines, such as:

Dr. Deborah Armintor

Dr. Armintor specializes in 18th century British literature, gender theory and sexuality studies. Her Honors course in Restoration and 18th Century British Literature is an in-depth study of the Restoration period from a particular critical, cultural, historical or philosophical perspective that varies by semester.

Dr. Adam Briggle

Dr. Briggle’s research focuses on bioethics, environmental studies and ethics, and policy of science and technology. His Honors course in Environmental Philosophy explores ethical, ecological and policy relationships to issues such as global climate change, biodiversity loss and the relationship between environmental issues and social and political concerns.

Dr. Nancy Boyd-Lillie

Dr. Boyd-Lillie’s research interests are in the areas of leadership, strategic management and more recently, workplace incivility. Her Honors course in Business Ethics and Responsibility is a study of ethical behaviors crucial to personal and corporate success in organizations.

Kelsey Oudshoorn

“I transferred to UNT in Fall 2016. I wanted to be in the Honors College for the rigor and added depth to my studies. I want to be a therapist, and being in the Honors College is enabling me to explore more details of my career path earlier.”

Kelsey Oudshoorn

Psychology Student